Black Pillar Pentagram Candle.

Black Pillar Pentagram Candle

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Black pillar style with a silver glitter pentagram design. This is a spiritual candle for manifestation, healing, and calling on your angels for assistance. This ceremonial candle will look stunning anywhere in your home. Scented in a magical concoction of sweet and spicy with spellbinding notes of patchouli, cedarwood, cinnamon, cashew nuts, and cherry. An excellent scent for fall and even all year! All of our fragrances are high quality and phthalate free.*There is also an unscented version of this candle available, for those who prefer to use their own oils. Or who don't like scented candles. You will have the option to select scented or unscented *

It is a beautiful and powerful symbol. In essence, the pentagram means life. The pentagram symbol represents the fundamental powers of nature—the four elements (earth, air, fire, water) and the Divine. Each point of the star is associated with these powers. 

*This candle can be recharged over and over again, each time you use it. With the same intentions or brand new ones.  Unlike other intention candles that burn down in a just a few hours.*

*20 ounces with 60-80 hours of burn time*