Twin Flame Love Candle made with rose quartz, carnelian, and jasper crystals. Luxurious looking candle for drawing in your twin flame.

Twin Flame Love Candle

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Twin flame intention candle for manifesting love and drawing in your twin flame. Elegant and luxurious looking. Made with Rose Quartz Crystals, Jasper, and Carnelian. Even if you already have a twin flame, you can still enjoy the ambiance of this romantic candle with your partner. As it will look stunning as a center piece anywhere in your home. Scented with a Nag Champa smell that will remind you of a delicious incense next to your bed. All of our ingredients are high quality, non-toxic, and phthalate free. *This is a large candle at 36.8 ounces*

Rose Quartz Crystals for love and friendship. Commonly referred to as the Heart stone, a fitting name for a stone with healing properties linked to the heart. Especially heart trauma or other emotional wounds. For those desiring more love in their lives, this stone can assist.

Red Jasper for sexual energy and passion. Increases and prolongs sexual excitement, for those who feel like their intimacy needs a good stir. This crystal activates the lower chakras which encourages longer lasting fun in the bedroom.

Carnelian for sexual energy and creativity. This crystal is an awesome way to ignite those lower chakras. Which is where your creativity, joy, and passion sit. 

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