Unscented banishment intention candle for protection against negative energy, people, and entities. Made with black tourmaline crystals.

Unscented Banishment Candle

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 This is the unscented version of our banishment candle for banishing away toxic people, negative energies, entities hanging around, harmful behaviors, restrictive thoughts, or anything negatively effecting you. Available in a full size pillar or half size. This candle will also look stunning anywhere in your home as a center piece. *20 ounces with 60-80 hours of candle burn time*

Black tourmaline is metaphysically used for grounding your energies to the Earth, cleansing your aura, psychic protection from negative entities, getting rid of negative thoughts, releasing unworthiness, and releasing anger.  

Scented with Frankincense and Myrrh which is also said to repel negativity. This warm and earthy scent will surely make you feel nostalgic like you are visiting a monastery. Which is what monks like to use. All of our fragrance oils are high quality and phthalate free. 

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