About Us

Verucaz is a metaphysical web-store founded by Sydney V. Smith, a light worker and twin flame specialist based in Houston, TX. Where she promotes healing and tools for healing. Specifically with a signature candle line that she makes with her own hands, designed to assist with manifesting and healing. Sydney found her true calling as a light worker in the midst of her own suffering and spiritual awakening. Healing herself though lots of different techniques and studies in topics such as Kabbalah, ceremonial magick, metaphysical and occult studies, angel work, reiki , and crystal healing.

 “Verucaz” began when the world was changed by the Coronavirus shutdowns, leaving many of us to adapt to a new way of life.  At the time, Sydney was going through her own suffering and spiritual awakening. Which ultimately led to the birth of a dark alter ego called “Veruca,” who had always been inside her, waiting to come out. In spite of her leanings toward the occult, Veruca is a healer, and she wants to help you with the healing process. This is when Sydney decided to build a store called “Verucaz," built around the concept of healing.

 Sydney spent the past year designing and developing these luxurious, handmade candles. Using only all natural and non-toxic ingredients. All of our fragrance oils are high quality and phthalate free. Each candle underwent months of testing to ensure nothing but the best of quality and performance.   Some with magic crystals inside and handwritten prayers to enhance your healing process. Made with pure intentions and positive healing energy. Each of the  magical crystals are purified before becoming part of the candle. 

We are a brand new store and are starting out simple—excited to embark on this journey with you! Please stay tuned as we continue adding more transformative products to our catalogue.  There will be lots of new additions to the store in the near future such as jewelry, alt fashion, and more supplies for the metaphysical and occult lovers.