About Us

Verucaz is a mystical web-store founded by Sydney V. Smith, a light worker in Houston, TX. Where she promotes healing and tools for healing. We specialize in clean and healthy candles that are never boring! Using only all natural and non-toxic ingredients such as pure coconut and beeswax only.  This is because we noticed a large amount of people having allergies and sensitivities to paraffins and phthalates. As well as Sydney's own daughter having severe indoor allergies, so clean candles are an absolute must! Made without paraffin, petroleum, soy, and phthalates  

 “Verucaz” began in 2020 when the world was changed by the Coronavirus shutdowns, leaving many of us to adapt to a new way of life.  At the time, Sydney was going through her own suffering and spiritual awakening. Which ultimately led to the birth of an alter ego called “Veruca,” who had always been inside her, waiting to come out.  This is when Sydney decided to build a store called “Verucaz," built around Veruca and the concept of healing.